понедельник, 2 апреля 2018 г.

Helping the Environment.

There are a lot of things we can do to protect the environment. 
1) Try not to buy pre-packaged food. The packaging creates a lot of rubbish.
2) Use less wasing-up liquid. It pollutes the seas and rivers.
3) Put aluminium cans into recycling bins. Factories can use them to make new things.
4) Use public transport (i.e. buses, trains, trams, etc). Cars pollute the air.
5) Never light fires in forests. Trees will burn.
6) Do not drop rubbish in the street. It looks and smells horrible. Use rubbish bins.
7) Do not throw plastic bottles into the sea. Fish will die.
8) Do not use aerosols. They pollute the air.

Recycling at home.

What can we do with: old newspapers/ magazines? plastic bottles? aluminium cans? empty glass bottles? plastic bags? rain water? 

Use some of the ideas below to make sentences.
- recycle /make/ greeting cards/ writing paper;
- recycle / make / plant pots / vases;
- recycle / make / new cans;
- return/ shop / take / bottle bank;
- reuse / take out / rubbish / at home;
- reuse / water / garden / plants.

Don't throw away old newspapers and magazines, they can be recycled to make greeting cards and writing paper.