суббота, 11 сентября 2010 г.

Language Test Familiarisation Materials

Европейское исследование языковых компетенций

This booklet gives information about how to do the language tasks in the European Survey on
Language Competences (ESLC). It is not intended as practice material and is not intended as an
indicator of the level of the material you will see in the survey.
The Reading test has six different task types, the Listening test has five different task types and the
Writing test has three different task types. Examples of all these task types are provided in this
document, together with instructions on how to complete the tasks.
For each task in the Reading and Listening test, the first question has been answered for you as an
example. Please note that there will not be an example in the test.

Sound Files tasks1-5:  http://www.ekk.edu.ee/109584