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Climate Change Basics

The Earth is getting warmer because people are adding heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere, mainly by burning fossil fuels. These gases are called greenhouse gases. Warmer temperatures are causing other changes around the world, such as melting glaciers and stronger storms. These changes are happening because the Earth's air, water, and land are all linked to the climate. 

The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect

Certain gases in the atmosphere keep the Earth warm through a process called the greenhouse effect. Watch a brief animation to learn more about the greenhouse effect and how people are causing it to become stronger.

Global warming refers to the rise in the Earth's temperature caused by the increase in greenhouse gases. These gases act like a blanket around the Earth, trapping the heat in the atmosphere. This problem is being made worse by the hole in the ozone layer. This hole, caused by the use of aerosol sprays and chemicals, is allowing ultraviolet radiation from the sun to enter to Earth's atmosphere making it even warmer.