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Trick Or Treat Folks ☻1952 Halloween Cartoon.avi (+плейлист)

Fun Easy English American Holidays Halloween.

Gerund and Infinitives - Lesson 27 - English Grammar (with captions)

1. Find English equivalents for the following:
прямое дополнение
фонарь из тыквы с прорезанными отверстиями в виде глаз, носа и рта
"Давайте угощение, а то мы вам что-нибудь устроим!"
не за горами
пугало, чучело
2. Translate into Russian and match the phrases to the appropriate changeable verb:
attempt to do sth
quit an activity
not remember to do sth
not forget to do sth
sample or test
not have the memory of an event or action
interrupt or quit an activity to begin another
have the memory of an event or action
3. Answer the questions:
a) What does "gerund" mean?
-ing form,
to-infinitive or
bare infinite
b) What is "candy corn"?
c) What are candy holders used for?
d) How many groups are there when we talk about verbs that take an object?
e) How can the object of a verb be expressed?
Each correct answer gets 1 point.