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Landmarks of Estonia.

Writing (an article about a visit to a building) for class 7.

Write a short article describing a visit to a famous building of Estonia. You know the Estonian Open Air Museum, then answer the questions about it.

When was it built?
What kind of building is it?
What is it famous for?
What does it look like from the outside?

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Word List.

The Estonian Open Air Museum.
Rocca al Mare forest park
On Kopli bay
Just 15 minutes drive from the centre of Tallinn
A life-sized reconstruction of an 18th century rural/ fishing village
79 hectares of land
72 separate buildings
Established in 1957
68 farmhouses assembled into 12 farmyards
The handicraft shop
The museum’s main gate
The Kolu Korts (an inn, the village tavern)
18-20 th-century farm buildings
A wooden chapel
A village school
Staff demonstrating how people lived and worked in those days
60,000 objects in the museum’s collections
Over 100,000 people